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Our Story

The Provedores opened in October 2016. The owners, Ron Walker, Paul and Sarah Sanders have between them, over 80 years’ experience in all aspects of the food and hospitality industry. We are passionate local wholesalers that appreciate good old-fashioned relationships and Exceptional services.

The Provedores are a member of Countrywide, the largest, national group of independent wholesale foodservice distributors in Australia. 

Keeping things local and Australian owned and operated with the acquisition of Coastal Fine Foods in May 2017, the Provedores range of all your commodity food products is now complemented by a comprehensive range of specialty food products and beverages. The team from Coastal Fine Foods are now an integral part of our organisation enabling us to offer and support a unique range of products to assist our customers, the creators of all the wonderful food that is offered to diners on the North Coast.   

Our Team

   Our Team

It is easy to stock a large range of food products, but it takes a great “Team” to do it well!

From the ground up The Provedores prides itself on having a highly experienced, hand selected Team of foodservice professionals to consult with you on your requirements. From receiving, picking and packing your orders accurately, and delivering on time and in the best possible condition, along with complying with the highest international food safety standards. The Provedores is your best choice of food distribution business’s on the Mid-North Coast.

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The Provedores Zero Waste Program

Our Planet

Zero Waste Program

Here at TP we love FOOD (obviously) but we HATE WASTE and have adapted a ZERO WASTE policy and program. We have chosen local charity groups like Friends of the Family that we donate too but not all of our produce can be disposed of this way. This is why with your help we have set up a ZERO Waste program. Click below to find out more 

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